Thursday, 31 July 2014

Maternity style ::: 25 weeks

...I used to be a hare, but now i'm very much a tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race but god is it frustrating! There is no such thing as 'nipping about' when you're pregnant (unless you're on wheels, which quite often is my preferred method of getting about these days). You just have to get used to being overtaken by EVERYONE as you walk down the street. I'm seriously considering buying a pair of roller skates.

Still maxing out the non-maternity wardrobe as much as poss...quite surprised this little tea dress from trusty M&S still fits. 

Off home to London for a couple weeks tonight and cannot WAIT to catch up with family and friends. Plus i'm squeezing in a little girls' weekend in Valencia...last one before the bubs arrives - party time!

See you in August x

The breakdown
Dress: M&S
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: vintage

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