Friday, 11 July 2014

DIY remote / nursing / snacks holder

Our first baby is due in November. We currently live in a small one-bedroom apartment in Washington DC so instead of a nursery we'll have a nursery nook i.e. the corner of our bedroom. We can just about squeeze in a moses basket and an extra chest of drawers, but it doesn't leave enough room for a comfy chair for the midnight feedings. We picked this one up at Ikea to go in the living room and were pretty pleased...and then we had some friends stay with their gorgeous five month old. And quickly learnt a few lessons:
1. Babies drool, spew and when teething gnaw anything in sight
2. You always need a burp cloth handy
3. It can be difficult to move once you're all in a comfy position so you'll want remotes/snacks within reach

And so came the idea for this all in one remote / nursing bits & bobs / snacks holder. Thanks William for being my inspiration! Added bonus - it protects the chair a bit too so I can wash this when it gets covered in ?!*&?%^?! rather than washing the whole chair cover. I hope. Well, it'll help a bit i'm sure! After searching online for some starting points I found this tutorial which I then adapted to create the following...

Cover fabric - I chose an upholstery fabric to give a bit more endurance
Quilting fabric for the underside (same size as your cover fabric)
Pocket fabric

This will depend on your chair but your aiming for a rectangle based on:

Width (length of the arm of your chair)
Length (distance from bottom of where you want your cover to hang, up and over the chair to the bottom of the seat cushion + 10cm)

You want the final cover to go under your cushion as this will hold it in place nicely, hence the + 10cm.
My fabric measured 60cm x 90cm.

To create a nice edge for your cover turn the seam over 1cm, press, and then turn it over another 1cm and press again. Clip your corners (cut a diagonal as shown below) so your corners lie flat.

Line up your quilting over your cover fabric, matching one short and one long edge and pin. Then trim the other long and short edge to match. Unlike the cover fabric you won't need to finish the edges.

Open up the pressed seams of the cover fabric, tuck the quilting inside, pin in place and sew.

Measure the width of your finished cover - this is how wide your pocket needs to be + 1.5cm for the seam allowance. How high your pocket will be is up to you! My pocket measured 60cm x 30cm, which included an extra 5cm so I could fold over the top of the pocket to give a smooth edge (you don't need to sew this down as you'll do this when you sew the seams and pocket dividers).
Pin and sew in place, ensuring to leave the top open :-)

To figure out how wide your pockets need to be place some items inside and mark dividers. For me I wanted it to hold my remote, burp cloths and iPad. I'm guessing these will all become essential items for nighttime nursing! Sew.

And you're done!

I'm actually pretty pleased with how this turned out. We've decided not to find out what we're having much to my own surprise. I'm not exactly a patient person. My "case" for finding out was being able to sew some dresses if we were having a girl. Not the best case I know. But it turns out there are loads of things I can make without knowing what we're having. And i'm actually kind of loving not's got to be one of the best surprises in life, non? Anyhoo, i've been on a DIY mission the past couple of weeks and so far i've also made a blanket, nursing shawl and some burp cloths (pictured below). I'll share those DIYs soon.

Thanks for reading!

Clara x

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