Friday, 27 June 2014

Maternity style ::: 20 weeks

"Err, what was I saying?"

Yup, at 20 weeks baby brain has officially kicked in and I frequently lose myself half way through a sentence. Just as well I don't have a serious job or anything :-)

This past weekend we had the perfect excuse to dress fancy as a friend from home married a southern boy. The wedding took place in their backyard on the water and was the ideal setting. Congrats again Liz & Ben! 

I'd picked up this dress a few months back for the wedding with the hope that the elastic waist would stretch enough by the time the wedding rolled around and I just made it. So far i've only bought a few maternity vests and am thankful that I have so many elastic waist skirts. I can't imagine being pregnant in cold weather...all those layers? Must cost a fortune! Oh wait, i'm due in November. B*llocks!

Happy weekends y'all x

And a belated Happy Birthday to the Bot. What a handsome chap he is x

A few snaps from the wedding...


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Clazzerati xx