Monday, 23 June 2014

Maternity style ::: 18 & 19 weeks

...and hairbands are a pregnant girl's best friend.

Who knew the trusty hairband would come in so useful when preggers. This little genius of an invention will extend the life of your jeans / shorts for another month at least. Woop. Simply loop one end (A) of the band through the top buttonhole. Take the other end (B) and loop through end A and pull tight. Your hairband should now be secured to the buttonhole (it's the same process you use for making friendship bracelets if I remember correctly). Now just loop the remaining end over your button et voila, a few more inches added. You probably want to wear a long top or a belly band to cover the top of your jeans. I forgot and spent the day yanking down my top.

We took these pics on our last day in Yosemite National Park by the waterfall. Such a beautiful place I really wish we were back there. More pics on that later.

The breakdown
Top: ASOS maternity (buy here)
Shorts: old H&M
Trainers: Nike

I always take my mat pics on a Sunday as that's when my maternity week officially begins. On this particular Sunday we were travelling back from LA on a ridiculously early flight and certainly didn't feel like taking any pics. So I just snapped this one on the iPhone. It sums me up quite well at this point. I've lost sight of my pants and am praying my nail varnish doesn't chip as reaching down over the bump is becoming increasingly difficult.

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