Friday, 2 May 2014

Mama don't want no peas or rice

Summer = festivals. Ever since the Bot took me to my first festival, the Big Chill, back in 2008 there is nothing I love more than setting up camp with a load of mates, spending my days lounging on the grass in the sunshine, listening to music and partying until the sun comes up (yes, I have of course deleted all those rainy festivals from memory).

We missed out last year what with emigrating and all that. So when the Bot stumbled upon the Kingman Island Bluegrass & folk festival right here in DC we thought we'd give it a shot. That's right, a festival on an island. Boom. And local bike shop BicycleSPACE had conveniently organised a group bike ride to the island. Double boom. So we hopped on our bikes and headed east. A British festival it was not. We were not partying until the wee hours (you could only buy beer, and that was with a special token) BUT it was pretty darn nice to chill out on the grass, by the water, in the sunshine, and listen to some very American music. Roll on summer fun times. x

Source: BicycleSPACE

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