Monday, 14 April 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year (if you live in DC)

It really is the most wonderful time to be in DC. The sun is shining, temps are consistently hitting 20-25C and the cherry blossom is in full bloom. After a ridiculously long, cold winter (and extremely harsh by DC standards, so i'm told) the cherry blossom was set to reach full bloom (70% of trees) around 11th April. And when they finally, what a sight. Like walking through a cotton candy wonderland...and when the petals fall it feels like a real life disco ball, shimmering specs of pink light all around.

The cherry blossom that surrounds the tidal basin is one of DC's most iconic sights. It's de rigour to jump on-board a pedalo (although the 1 1/2 hours queuing time was far from ideal) and the Jefferson Memorial and the Monument popping up in background only enhance that picture perfect snapshot. The 3,000 trees were a gift of friendship from Japan in 1912. In fact 2,000 trees were delivered in 1910 but they were diseased and died off so a new batch had to be sent! And now each year 1.5 million amateur photographers tourists descend on the city, hoping to catch a glimpse of the trees in bloom and to wonder round the city we now call home. And I feel very lucky indeed.

p.s. yes, I cut all my hair off. these aren't the best shots but we got up early to snap the blossom and extra zzzzs trumped over clean hair, as always. thank goodness for bastiste. x

The breakdown
Top: H&M
Skirt: made by me
Shoes: Old Dorothy Perkins
Sunnies: M&S
Bike Pannier: via Cycle Chic