Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A spring soiree

This weekend we celebrated a significant birthday for Bot's mum (I guess I should call her my mother-in-law, now we're married n all, but it just seems too "formal").  I was put in charge of decorating the private room we'd hired above the pub and seeing as the sun had finally made an appearance in old London town I went all out spring. And so I thought i'd share a few of the simple DIYs I pulled together.  These are REALLY easy to do...we did this in a week!


The photo bunting idea I actually nabbed from my friends who did this for my 30th.  It's a great way of displaying loads of photos of the person, and it's also a nice little present for them to take away.

You'll need:
- Photos
- Scanner
- Thick quality paper
- Printer
- Twine/ribbon
- Pinking shears
- Hole punch

Scan in your photos / print / cut out a bunch of triangles / punch two holes in the top / thread through the twine. 

We also pulled out the bunting I made for our wedding.  Instead of punching holes in the fabric and threading with twine I used bias tape to enclose the top of the triangle and then sewed in place

The Bot's mum is famous for her cakes, so when I saw this cute idea using washi tape I knew it would be ideal.

You'll need:
- Luggage tags (buy in bulk from eBay...so much cheaper than Paperchase!)
- Washi tape
- Black biro
- Glue
- Pin
- Glitter
- Something to write the names on with - I used the Dymo embossing label maker (love this sh*t)

Cut three pieces of washi tape, each one shorter than the next then place them on the tag with the largest piece at the bottom / draw on your cake base and candle sticks / dip the pin head in glue and put a blob at the top of each candle stick / pour glitter on top and shake off the excess / add your name.

If you're just hosting a small do, DIY flowers are perfect.  Especially in spring when you don't really need to do much to make them pop!

You'll need:
- Jam jars (or mason jars to our overseas friends). Top tip: if like me you're short on time and can't face eating your way through 10 jars of beetroot in a week check out your local freecycle as people are always giving away jam jars
- Milk bottles
- Washi tape (this stuff is the nuts - get a load of rolls now as you can use them for pretty much anything!)
- A selection of fresh flowers.  I used freesias (the really colourful looking ones), hyacinths (the purple ones), goldenrod (the little yellow ones mixed in with the hyacinths), daffodils and narcissus (mini daffs).  Top tip: get your flowers from your local market and/or supermarket.  I stupidly got the hyacinths from a florist and they cost £7.50 a bunch - at the market they were 2 bunches for £5.  Meh.  Still, they were beautiful.  And the best thing about all these flowers, in addition to their cheery nature, was the smell. It was incredible!

Wrap some washi tape around your maekshift vases / arrange your flowers / admire your skills.  These also make nice little presents for people to take home at the end of the night.

Told you these DIYs were easy :-)

Of course we completely forgot to get a proper picture of me and the Bot but in case you're wondering, my dress is from Ted Baker (and yes, you'll probably be seeing it again as it's my official 2013 wedding dress).


Thursday, 18 April 2013

One step too far

I'm a vintage junkie. Fact.  I also love the here and now fashion.  And especially those trends that nod to a bygone era (because whilst scoring a one-of-a-kind vintage gem is the nuts, sometimes it's just easier when the high street takes inspiration from old and mass produces it so we can actually get our hands on it).

Fashion has always gone round in circles.  Each decade influencing the next somewhere down the line.  And that's great.  Except when a decade that you lived through suddenly comes back round and you hear yourself saying, "Oh god, I remember WEARING those the first time *cringe*".  I remember my mother saying the exact same thing when I was going through a 70s boho stage and thinking it would never happen to me. Oh how naive I was.

Rock on the 90s
Recently the 90s have been having a little revivial.  And actually i've kinda enjoyed seeing all the slogan tees, baggy jeans and cropped tops and reminiscing about watching Clueless (Dionne: "Cher is saving her self for Luke Perry" who wasn't?), listening to All Saints (whilst rocking the baggiest pair of combats I could find paired with a skin tight cropped white vest), envying Drew's grunge look coupled with cute flowers in her hair and desperately wishing I could be as cool as Clarissa.

But then I strumbled up this Marie Claire article and everything inside me screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Why, why, why would anyone want to wear that classic 90s accessory: the scrunchie, again? Urgh, I HATE IT!  But then I thought, you know what, it's ok.  This will just be one of trends that we're told about, but no one in their right mind actually follows.  And then on the bus this morning as I swept down Brixton Hill I saw one.  On a girl. And a little bit inside me died.

Maybe i'm just getting old.  Who knows.  But I beg of you.  Please don't succumb to the power of the scrunchie. You'll only live to regret it.  Trust me on this.

Image sources: Sarah / Janet / JessieClueless  /  All Saints / Drew / Clarissa

p.s. turns out I just needed to actually post, in order to get my blogging mojo back.  Sometimes it's as simple as JUST DOING IT and not putting it off any longer. x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In a rut

Oh, hello friend! Well it seems my dreams of Spring have finally come true.  Thank goodness for that.  It's certainly been a while since we saw the sun.  

It's also been a while since I blogged.  Why?  Perhaps it was the never-ending bitterly cold winter (I appreciate that for those of you in the US, or even Scotland, 4C / 39F isn't cold.  But for us southerners  believe me, it is).  Which resulted in groundhog day; standing in front of my wardrobe on a morn', feeling blah and pulling out the same old jumper and boots.  It might be that.  I'm sure buying our first flat hasn't helped either...seriously, it's like a black hole of never ending jobs and boy does it EAT money.  But I love it.  It's OURS, hello!  Maybe it's that i've just run out of things to say (for those who know me in real life i'm sure you're LOL-ing to this one).  

Whatever the reason I have temporarily misplaced my blogging mojo.  It will return.  For that I am sure.  But for now, while Google decides to boot us all out of the beloved Google Reader, you can follow me on Bloglovin' here (kinda ironic that i'm asking you to follow me when i'm not actually blogging.  Meh, c'est la vie).

See you soon x