Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Barbour baby

This, is THE jacket. The one i've been dreaming of. A British country classic.  The best kind of casual. And my favourite Christmas present this year (thanks, Bot).

January seems to be dragging more than usual, is it just me?  Still, my new year's resolutions are still going strong (you'd hope so in January).  I've finished my first book of the year. Ok, it was Marian Keyes, but I needed to ease myself in gently.  I've been cooking this Jamie Oliver shin stew a lot (thanks, G for the tip!) and I made my first lemon meringue pie.  And I started to draw.  I'll share those next week.  But I think it's fair to say I need to practise a bit harder.

Laters x

The breakdown...
Skirt: Topshop, £40
Shirt: H&M, £12.99
Cardigan: H&M, £14.99
Brogues: bought in Argentina
Jacket: Barbour (present from the Bot)
Necklace: Accessorize, £14.99

Worn to...Boxing Day lunch with my family
Shot at...Chiswell Green where I used to ride horses as a child

Inspired by...errr, Christmas.  Can't help it. Christmas = gold + sparkles

Friday, 25 January 2013

DIY wedding: personalised glitter trainers

1. Supplies:
  • Pair of canvas trainers (I used Converse but you could easily pick up a cheap pair from Primark or the like)
  • Glitter
  • Fabric glue & brush
  • Cardboard box big enough to fit one shoe comfortably
  • Fabric paint & brush (not shown...i'll explain why later :-))
  • Acrylic sealer/hairspray

2. Paint the glue onto the shoe - it's best to work on small patches otherwise you'll end up covered in glue!

3. Hold your shoe over the box and sprinkle with LOTS of glitter.  Then shake off the excess.  Repeat steps 2&3 until the whole shoe is covered.  Now leave for 30 mins or so to dry.

4. You'll probably notice there are a few bare patches, so now is the time to fill those in.  You can also give the entire shoe another coat for va-va-voom maximum glitter impact!

5. Time to admire your handy work.  How much better does your shoe look now?  Now do the other one!

6. Time to personalise those bad boys.  And in the rush to get all my DIYs ready I helpfully forgot to photograph this stage! BUT, these tips might help.  I used this stamp kit to make a stamp of our wedding date and then used this as a guide to write the numbers using this fabric paint.

Finally, you need to seal the glitter. Unless you want to leave a trail of glitter wherever you go - cute if you're out, tres annoying if you're at home :-) Acrylic sealer (gloss finish) is really good - and i've also heard hairspray is a pretty good, cheap DIY alternative.

Et voila, one pair of personalised wedding trainers which went down a STORM with our guests.  And me - the most comfortable wedding shoes ever.

I'd love to say I also made the Bot's trainers - thankfully the guys at Adidas had that covered.  Using their Mi Adidas service you can create your own customised trainers - colours, fabrics, the works. Including a small amount of text along one of the stripes.  Just don't do what I did and order a size too small.  Kinda taints the wedding gift ;-)

Trainers vs. Kate Spade heels...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday style

Fresh cut flowers / coffee with friends / snow bird / snowy park / homemade chicken & vegetable soup / Lula

Just lovely. x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Let's have you, 2013

I've thought long and hard about my New year resolutions this year.  I don't always make them and when I do, I normally break them.  And starting the year off by failing...well...it just doesn't appeal. Funny that.  So this year my resolutions are simple things, aimed to make me happy. As Audrey once said, "...happy girls are the prettiest girls." And it's nice to feel pretty once in a while. x

Image sources: Audrey / Baking / Illustration

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

An outfit is for life, not just for Christmas

If there's one thing that really grates me it's pretentious folk, normally bloggers, who proudly declare, "Oh I never wear the same outfit twice.  I create a beautiful unique masterpiece every time I step into my wardrobe." Bullshit.  Why, when you finally stumble upon an ensemble that ruddy works, would you never wear it again? Pfff, makes no sense.  The thing about finally finding a combination of clothes and accessories that work together is that when you wake up at 2.15pm in the afternoon (don't judge me, it was Christmas) with a stonking hangover and realise you need to leave at 2.30pm to get to your sister's Christmas drinks this is the kind of outfit you can rely on to give the impression, albeit briefly, that you are 100% with it. I call this my mulled wine sparkle outfit.  Thank you for seeing me through the festive season so gracefully. x

The breakdown...
Skirt: Primark
Top: Monsoon
Heels: Kate Kanzier
Belt vintage via my gran
Coat: vintage via Topshop via eBay
Scarf: present via my friend (Scarves by Simpkins)

Worn to...various Christmas lunches n drinks
Shot at...River Mole, East Molesy

Inspired by...sparkles and vats of mulled wine

Thursday, 3 January 2013

It had to be you

If you're going to disappear from the virtual world for an age, then you better return with a kick-ass post.  Well, what better then a few snaps of our wedding in Brighton back in November.  

We had the MOST amazing day. And over 800 snaps to prove it, but I won't bore you with all them, just a few to give you a little taster.

  • Bumping into Frankie Boyle in the lift with my six bridesmaids on the way to the ceremony
  • Feeling so incredibly nervous walking down the aisle on my own, then seeing my best friend waiting for me at the front and thinking, "Sh*t, this is it. We're getting MARRIED, argh!"
  • Driving through Brighton in my sister's vintage VW Beetle
  • Cycling in on our bikes as the Bot's dad introduced us Mr & Mrs 
  • All our awesome friends who travelled from Hawaii, Australia and America to be with us
  • The best man and bridesmaids speeches
  • A virutal speech from our friend in Oz who couldn't make it
  • His n her personalised trainers with our wedding date
  • The amazing messages people hung on our wishing tree
  • Marrying my best friend. It's tops

As promised i'll be sharing some wedding DIYs soon, so if you're planning a DIY wedding and need some ideas, watch this space :-)

Happy New Year one and all!

Flowers by Miss Mole's Flower Emporium
Photos by Emma of Emmest Photography