Monday, 9 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

... or should that be "the holidays". Meh, it's all "Happy Holidays" over here. It's Merry Christmas people! 

Back home in the UK I don't think I get into the Christmas spirit until maybe two weeks before the big day. But here in the US i've been in full Christmas swing since the end of November.  As soon as Halloween is over everything Halloween gets swapped straight out for Christmas so it's ready for Thanksgiving, which feels like a test run for the big day.  Decorations are up, Christmas music is blaring out from every available speaker and the Christmas films on tv kick off. But the one thing that really makes it feel like Christmas? Snow. And today it arrived, woop woop! It just ain't a proper Christmas without snow. And when you don't need to leave the house and can appreciate it from your balcony, even better. Happy Holidays Merry Christmas. x

I have been without decent gloves for ages, until I remembered that I had an old pair of my grandmother's. 
She actually wore this pair to my mum and dad's wedding back in 1978!

Our neighbours, who have a HUGE balcony, have covered it in mini Christmas trees. Love. 

The breakdown
Coat: vintage
Dress: vintage (the Bot HATES this dress - reckons I look like a nurse in it.  And not in the sexy hot way, ha ha!)
Boots: Dune
Glove: vintage

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