Monday, 7 October 2013

A terrarium spectacular!

I've been drooling over terrariums for a while now, and while i'm very aware i'm lagging far behind this trend quite frankly my dear, I don't give a hoot.  Terrariums, succulents, cacti...I think i'll always find you lot a little bit special. 

When I finally decided to crack on with this project I was all for a succulent bonanza.  But when I arrived at the shop I was greeted with a whole host of ready-made succulent parties.  And they were cheap. Cr*p. Well cool, but cr*p, I kind  wanted to make the damn thing myself.  So I bought the succulent family, and switched to cacti, and now I have a whole team of succulents and cacti filling the apartment.  Score all round.

I was pretty happy with the results. That was until the other half got home. The Bot is one of those annoying people who always points out that little detail that i've somehow missed when i'm crafting/cooking/generally living. It grates me...especially because as soon as he says his part i'm always like, "Argh, how did that not even cross my mind?" In this case he immediately asked, "But don't they need soil to grow?". Hmm, he might have a point.  But it's been three weeks now and the cacti are still going strong...check back in three months and I may well be the proud owner of a cacti graveyard. But for now I love. x

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