Thursday, 19 September 2013

It's a luau! A rock-a-hula luau!

Sooo it's been a while but after a looooooong break i'm back in the sewing game. After frantically whipping up some last minute bunting for our wedding last year I put my sewing machine to rest (aside for a cute little dress I made for a very special baby). Pretty much as soon as we got to DC I ordered my new American machine. But what to sew? Hmm always a dilemma. I procrastinate and therefore don't sew. But when I stumbled upon this beaut of a tutorial by Tily from The Great British Sewing Bee I got my mojo back. And this Hawaiian print fabric was ideal, despite the Bot seriously questioning my choice at Jo-Ann's fabric store. Still, tops off to him for making it through a trip to the fabric store. Brave man.

I'm off to New York City today and i'm TOO excited.  The Bot is already there on business so i'm catching the Megabus up there for my birthday weekend.  That's, right, you heard me, THE MEGABUS!!! Ha, I couldn't believe it when I saw it here.  I can honestly say that I NEVER thought i'd be catching the Megabus to New York.  Up t'North, yes.  New York City?  Never.  

Have a good one. x

The breakdown
Vest: old H&M
Skirt: handmade
Shoes: Kate Kanzier
Bag: vintage
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

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  1. This skirt is lovely! I love the idea of a Megabus to New York too, much more glam than here in the UK!

    Maria xxx


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