Thursday, 26 September 2013

Birthday fun times

New York birthdays are definitely the best birthdays 
(and they make turning 31 oh so much sweeter)

New York is just one of those places that puts a big fat smile right across my face.  As this wondrous city appeared on the skyline from the front seat of the Megabus I was like a kid at Christmas (yes, in case you hadn't heard, I took to the Megabus from DC to NYC - blew my mind).  After dragging my over-stuffed suitcase 24 blocks to Times Square my enthusiasm was still at 95% - i'd just met Minnie Mouse et al.

[Occasionally I decide to leave my DSLR at home.  It's heavy, hurts my neck and sometimes it's nice to just enjoy your surroundings.  But this was New York.  I've been here twice before (lucky me) so there wasn't that pressure to take photos of EVERYTHING, but still, I like to snap a few for the old memory bank.  All these pics were taken using an iPhone 4. TOP TIP: When taking a pic on the iPhone don't zoom in. Snap, and then crop later.  That way you keep the higher resolution = better pic.]

We hit some Irish bars, oggled the bright lights in Times Square, saw Jersey Boys on Broadway (so cool being so close to the actual Jersey and real American accents!), got very drunk somewhere in Tribeca, had brunch in our favourite cafe, Habana, walked the highline, had an amazing birthday dinner with friends at the Spotted Pig in Greenwich village, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, ate some amazing Dosas here.  And then I left my wallet in a cab on the way to Penn station to grab our train home.  Arghhhhhhhhhh.

C'est la vie.  It was still the RADEST of RAD weekend.

(oh yes, if you wondering how the skirt I made suddenly became a dress, I decided to whip up a matching top :-)
Who you gonna call?

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