Thursday, 1 August 2013

Touch down

14th Street and U, our new home
Well remind me never to get married, buy a flat, furnish said flat (and then re-furnish it for tenants), emigrate and furnish the new apartment in the same year!

So, it's finally happened.  We have crossed the Atlantic and landed slap bang in the middle of Washington DC.  And we're loving it. 

We quickly realised that you need make a big life choice when you decide to live in this country; accept obesity or exercise hard.  We've gone for the latter...but our decision is subject to change at any time.

So what have we discovered so far...

  • Sting was right when he described himself as a legal alien...until we get our social security number we are aliens and pretty much can't do sh*t
  • This town is full of that is.  It's imitation city.  'Real' food can quickly be identified by labels such as "all natural" or "in the raw"
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road is bloody hard.  Thanks god for wide roads.  Some road signs would be appreciated however
  • We are the only straights in the village (ref. first picture above)
  • Everyone has a dog - seriously.  We live in a big apartment block and i'd say 90% of the residents have one.  And we're not talking miniature dogs here, we've got full-sized dalmatians and one dog so big I swear he can kill with his eyes
  • Rooftop pools are the NUTS. We've got views all over the city...i'm not entirely sure how we've managed to wangle an apartment with a rooftop pool but i'm going with it until we get kicked out
  • A British accent gets you noticed

Now i've got one, albeit rather random and scatty, blog post under my belt you'll be hearing from me a lot more.  

Until then, y'all have a nice day now x

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