Monday, 5 August 2013

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We're now two weeks into our American adventure and getting in the swing of things. It kinda still feels like a holiday, but one that we've sort of wasted so far.  By that I mean we've spent both weekends furnishing our flat and buying mundane things like a bathroom bin. And I can navigate round our local Ikea store with my eyes closed. But we're almost there. After 12 days with just a bed our beautiful new sofa from Macys finally arrived and CABLE COMES ON TUESDAY, wahooooooooooooo! Can't wait to check out all the crap American tv!

The new sofa and a glimpse of our balcony and view

  • A suit paired with a baseball cap is acceptable atire
  • A new restaurant/bar seems to opening on our street every week (check out this Washington Post article on our neighbourhood, 14th Street)
  • I've discovered garlic salt.  It's the nuts.  Best served on chips late at night
  • I don't get hangovers here (i'm very aware i've just jinxed myself on that front)
  • Whilst i'm missing work i've adjusted very well to being a housewife

On Friday evening we were given a wonderful opportunity to attend the Marine Barracks evening parade in the heart of DC. The parade takes place every Friday evening during the summer and features the President's Own band, US Marine drum and Bugle Corps and the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon amongst others. Thanks Koops and Christine!

Notice anything unusual about the flag...

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  1. ooee lady of american leisure :) xx

  2. Wowee, this all looks amazing, that view is to die for!

    Maria xxx


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