Tuesday, 20 August 2013


New Orleans (or should I say N"awlins), you did not disappoint.  What an incredible place.  
(just don't make the mistake of making top tourist attraction Bourbon street your first spot...you'll think you've ended up on the strip in Magaluf and wonder why on earth people rave about this place).

We lucked out massively...they were having a cold summer.  The humidity was still at 90% but instead of 40C is was only 30C.  Thank the lord! 

Strolling around the French Quarter you can't help but notice the beautiful balconies adorned with flags and stunning plants.

And of course we indulged in a few 'must-do' activities...

Eat a beignet (a fried choux pastry ting covered in icing sugar) at Cafe du Monde.  These things are a 'mare to eat, but forget queuing for ages at Cafe du Monde...it's trading on past glories and really was meh.  Cafe Beignet on Royal Street is where the real gems are (thanks Nat!)

New Orleans is the most haunted city in the USA so this is the place to take the ghost tour.  I swear Bot spent the entire time rolling his eyes at the stories but I loved it. And it was a nice to learn a little American history...note to self:must brush on the civil war.

Learn a little Voodoo and tap into your spiritual side.  I took the opportunity to have my palms read which i've not done before...when in Rome :-)  The guy looked like a bad mini Elvis but a few things were bang on; stubborn, a worrier; creative and organised. He also saw twin girls and a boy...hmmm

Take the street car to the Garden District (full of stunning houses) where you'll find the Lafayette Cemetery, the oldest in New Orleans. Graves in most cemeteries in NO are above ground because the water table is so high - unpredictable flooding still causes some coffins buried above the water table to pop out.  Can you imagine?!  

And of course you can't visit NO and not listen to some live jazz and blues.  We were hooked.  Fritzels in the French Quarter was our #1 choice...set aside a good four hour chunk and sing and sway the night away.

street art

The lazy way to get home

We'll be seeing you again NO.  Laters x

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