Friday, 30 August 2013

I like to ride my bicycle

This weekend we hopped on some capital bikes (the Boris equivalent) and pootled around the city.  From home to Georgetown, along the Potomac river and across to the Eastern Market, it was great to be back on two wheels.

A few notables...

>25C is considered cool.  Even by me these days. I've changed.

>I'm starting to understand why so many Americans don't have a passport and i'm not judging them for it.  I know, I know, perhaps i'm going soft but seriously this country is HUGE.  We don't judge people in the UK for not having travelled outside Europe yet Hawaii is at least 9 hours from DC and still in the US. Now i'm not saying that you're gonna get even a comparable amount of culture here as you would in Europe, but coupled with internal flights that are that much cheaper than international flights, and a f*ck load of places to explore, i'm beginning to see why they stay within the city walls.

>Americans really are that nice.  I always thought it was fake, perhaps it still is in some cases, but i've been overwhelmed by how friendly everyone is here.  From the cleaner in the gym who I speak to everytime I visit, to getting in the lift (or should I say elevatorrrrrrrr) and having a chat, I can't help but feel this simply would happen back in the UK.  At least not everytime.

And finally, this week I attended the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington.  I queued for three hours, witnessed numerous people around me fainting (it was around 30C) and moved just 10 metres in those hours, but I met some fantastic people. Most rememberable was Roofus from North Carolina who had attended the original march back in 1963. What a dude. It was quite surreal listening to Forest Whitaker, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Christine King Farris and Obama deliver their moving speeches. There was a real sense of emotion in the crowd, and whilst i'm sure it didn't in any way match that of the original march, you really got the feeling that change still, and will, happen.  We will keep on marching on!  

My queuing buddies...that's Roofus top right
Peace out x

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  1. Washington looks awesome and it must have been amazing to have been there for the anniversary of the 'I have a dream' speech!

    Maria xxx


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