Friday, 14 June 2013

Moving on

Yes, I disappeared.  Again.  But now I can finally explain why my posting has been so sporadic over the past six months.  About a year ago the Bot and I got engaged.  And a few months later we were offered the most incredible opportunity.  We weren't really sure if it would ever actually happen so we carried on with life as normal, got married, bought a flat and tried as hard as possible not to talk about this 'thing' that could completely change our lives.

And then it happened. The paperwork was accepted and that 'thing' got confirmed. WE'RE MOVING TO AMERICA!!!  Yep, in five weeks we're boarding a plane to Washington DC.  And i'm over excited.  We headed out a few weeks ago to take a look at our new home and we loved it. I quit my job after seven and a half years and am now in the process of sorting out our entire lives.  We're keeping the local charity shops in business and my closet has halved but it will all be worth it.  If only for the weather.  Yep, we're guaranteed a summer this year.  Ok, it'll be a ridiculously hot and humid summer where i'll probably spend most of the time gasping for air-con.  But the sun will be shining, wahoooooooooooooooo!

And so this huge life change has been part of the reason for the lack of posts.  I'm an over-sharer by nature so not being able to talk about it has been seriously hard. That and going through three of the biggest events you can in a lifetime have kept me from jumping online. I expect this blog will change as our lives do and become more of a diary to keep in touch with our friends and family back.  But i'll still be blogging so if you want to follow our journey, you know where to look.

Happy weekends y'all :-) x