Thursday, 18 April 2013

One step too far

I'm a vintage junkie. Fact.  I also love the here and now fashion.  And especially those trends that nod to a bygone era (because whilst scoring a one-of-a-kind vintage gem is the nuts, sometimes it's just easier when the high street takes inspiration from old and mass produces it so we can actually get our hands on it).

Fashion has always gone round in circles.  Each decade influencing the next somewhere down the line.  And that's great.  Except when a decade that you lived through suddenly comes back round and you hear yourself saying, "Oh god, I remember WEARING those the first time *cringe*".  I remember my mother saying the exact same thing when I was going through a 70s boho stage and thinking it would never happen to me. Oh how naive I was.

Rock on the 90s
Recently the 90s have been having a little revivial.  And actually i've kinda enjoyed seeing all the slogan tees, baggy jeans and cropped tops and reminiscing about watching Clueless (Dionne: "Cher is saving her self for Luke Perry" who wasn't?), listening to All Saints (whilst rocking the baggiest pair of combats I could find paired with a skin tight cropped white vest), envying Drew's grunge look coupled with cute flowers in her hair and desperately wishing I could be as cool as Clarissa.

But then I strumbled up this Marie Claire article and everything inside me screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Why, why, why would anyone want to wear that classic 90s accessory: the scrunchie, again? Urgh, I HATE IT!  But then I thought, you know what, it's ok.  This will just be one of trends that we're told about, but no one in their right mind actually follows.  And then on the bus this morning as I swept down Brixton Hill I saw one.  On a girl. And a little bit inside me died.

Maybe i'm just getting old.  Who knows.  But I beg of you.  Please don't succumb to the power of the scrunchie. You'll only live to regret it.  Trust me on this.

Image sources: Sarah / Janet / JessieClueless  /  All Saints / Drew / Clarissa

p.s. turns out I just needed to actually post, in order to get my blogging mojo back.  Sometimes it's as simple as JUST DOING IT and not putting it off any longer. x


  1. Oh the scrunchie!!! I remember having some pretty spectacular ones - gold crepe and purple velvet! I agree though - it does NOT need to return!

    Glad to see you've got your blogging mojo back - I've missed your posts!

    1. Ah thanks Fran, very sweet of you to say! x

  2. hee hee the scrunchie, oh yes indeedy. Not a huge fan to have a go the second time round - Is it ok when OUR era becomes hipstery vintage? surely we're not that old.. A while back I swore that tights and slouch socks (from my primary school days) would never be seen again..heck did I just by pastel pink glittery slouch socks yesterday? aah! Welcome back Clazzerati so nice to hear from you again xx


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