Thursday, 28 February 2013

I'm a big girl now

Exciting news, and the reason for my recent absence.  WE BOUGHT A FLAT!  That's right, we're now officially the proud owners of a lovely Edwardian 2-bed garden flat in Brixton, south London.  Crazy to think that 12 months ago the Bot and I weren't even engaged and now were married with a mortgage, woah there, hello grown-up ville.

The past week has probably been the most exhausting and overwhelming week I can remember.  We (and by that I obviously mean I) thought in five days we could:
- pack our entire flat
- move everything ourselves
- paint three rooms and the hallway
- unpack
- buy furniture
- clean and paint the old flat

Ha, we soon realised that was never going to happen.  I pulled a muscle in my ass that resulted in my laughing every time I tried to move, and we have somehow adopted a rather lovely grey cat who i've named Martin. Life is good.

- we OWN this sh*t which means we can do whatever we like, wahoooo
- Martin the cat who visits every day.  Still not entirely sure who owns him...
- riding around town in a transit van

- buying a gorge new sofa only to find we couldn't fit it through the door frame
- car being towed and taken to the pound

A few snaps from the past week...

Column 1: Makeshift living room / Ikea fun / the sofa that didn't quite fit / our new adopted cat, Martin
Column 2: Dinner on the floor / packing hell / powertool-tastic / car pound fun / dinner in bed
Column 3: Maccy Ds 1/4 trip / Ikea / celebrating / another pub lunch
Column 4: Transit times / new hoover (that actually works / floor plan / our first fridge / painting

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! This is so exciting!

    Maria xxx


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