Thursday, 28 February 2013

I'm a big girl now

Exciting news, and the reason for my recent absence.  WE BOUGHT A FLAT!  That's right, we're now officially the proud owners of a lovely Edwardian 2-bed garden flat in Brixton, south London.  Crazy to think that 12 months ago the Bot and I weren't even engaged and now were married with a mortgage, woah there, hello grown-up ville.

The past week has probably been the most exhausting and overwhelming week I can remember.  We (and by that I obviously mean I) thought in five days we could:
- pack our entire flat
- move everything ourselves
- paint three rooms and the hallway
- unpack
- buy furniture
- clean and paint the old flat

Ha, we soon realised that was never going to happen.  I pulled a muscle in my ass that resulted in my laughing every time I tried to move, and we have somehow adopted a rather lovely grey cat who i've named Martin. Life is good.

- we OWN this sh*t which means we can do whatever we like, wahoooo
- Martin the cat who visits every day.  Still not entirely sure who owns him...
- riding around town in a transit van

- buying a gorge new sofa only to find we couldn't fit it through the door frame
- car being towed and taken to the pound

A few snaps from the past week...

Column 1: Makeshift living room / Ikea fun / the sofa that didn't quite fit / our new adopted cat, Martin
Column 2: Dinner on the floor / packing hell / powertool-tastic / car pound fun / dinner in bed
Column 3: Maccy Ds 1/4 trip / Ikea / celebrating / another pub lunch
Column 4: Transit times / new hoover (that actually works / floor plan / our first fridge / painting

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day trippers

Last weekend the Bot and I took a day trip to Brighton.  We haven't been back since our wedding in November and it was nice to just wander around and enjoy the city, rather than frantically running around from hairdresser to florist to venue sorting out wedding shiz.  

I've always had a love affair with Brighton, ever since I was a child and mum would take my sister and I down for the day during the school holidays.  I love the laid-back bohemian vibe of Brighton - strolling around the lanes, slurping big mugs of coffee in the numerous cute coffee shops and taking in the sea air.

We had lunch at Fishy Fishy, Dermot O'Leary's restaurant (no sign of Dermot, boo) and tucked into a delicious Sri Lankan fish curry and whole dressed crab with ginger and chilli, yum.  And I picked up this gorgeous yellow pleated dress from Ted Baker which will hopefully see me through this year's wedding season :-)

Happy hump day y'all. x

The breakdown...
Dress: v old Primark
Coat: charity shop purchase in 1990, £10
Boots: Office sale, £5
Bag: Kate Kanzier, present
Hat: I forgot the designer but I bought it at Urban a few years ago

Worn to...wander around Brighton
Shot at...Brighton beach
Inspired by...the need to keep warm

Friday, 8 February 2013

Zee art of drawing

Image sources: Taylor / Audrey / my own / Darling Dexter / my own / my own

As you may or may not remember, one of my New Year's resolutions this year is to draw.  I didn't take art at school past the age of about 14, and it's not something i've ever really thought of dabbling in. But, this year I decided to give it a shot.  And in the nature of being open and honest, here are my first attempts - drawings of the above images.

I think it's clear where I need to focus - proportions and a true likeness!   I've got a low attention span so all these were created in 5-10 minutes.  I'm still trying to discover my "style" BUT, i'm enjoying it.

If anyone has any top tips to help me on my way i'd be very grateful!

Happy Friday xx

(p.s. thank you Cullers, Fran & Nat for being my first models, mwa)

I'm sorry, Taylor!

Friday, 1 February 2013


Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So here are a few DIY ideas to inspire you...because red roses are so clich├ęd, darling. x