Wednesday, 19 December 2012

More Christmas party nails

1x coat of No. 17 strengthening base coat
1x coat of Topshop 'Crystal Clouds' 
2x coat of Boots No .7 'Daisy Darling' (limited edition)

TOP TIP: for an even sprinkling of sparkles blob the glitter onto the middle of the nail and push to the edges with the brush.

Off to Christmas meal 4/7 tonight (just this week).  I'm turning into a real life yule log.

Tootles x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Black n white

The breakdown...
Skirt: ASOS
Boots: Office
Jumper: Primark
Belt Primark
Bag: vintage (present)

Worn to...skulk around the side ally of the Savoy.  Just an average Sunday afternoon
Shot at...Savoy Buildings ally, London

Inspired by...Christmas, sparkles and sheer determination to wear summer clothes in winter (see skirt summer styling here)

Whoa, it's been a while since I did an outfit post but finally getting life BACK ON TRACK!  It's been a weekend full of Christmas shopping, life-clensing and bang Goes The Theory.  Excellent...tootles x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Go on, treat yourself

What better way to reward yourself for getting through a WHOLE Monday at work, than with a little pizza delivery.

But Clara, you can't pizza?  Yes, this is true. I developed a mild tolerance to gluten in my twenties but I still occasionally dream of my uni days when ordering a Dominos pepperoni pizza three times a week was deemed totally acceptable.

If you have an intolerance too you'll know how ridiculously behind the UK take-away market is in terms of catering for us "fussy eaters" (I detest the this term...i'm not a fussy eater, these foods make me ILL, grrr). Head to New York and it's no problem.  But here in London take-away pizza was off the menu for me. Until now.  That's right people, Dominos is now offering GLUTEN-FREE pizza bases - the first pizza chain to do so in the UK and Coeliac UK accredited, no less!  YIPPEE!  That's right you foodie freaks, we too can now STUFF OUR FACES with delicious pizza delivered straight to our door in 20 minutes* (*delivery times may vary, clearly the new Dominos pizza in Balham were out to impress :-)).
Base: it tasted pretty much like the real deal, somewhere in-between a deep pan and a thin crust (Mr Developer...please, please, please can you develop a thin crust gluten-free pizza.  I will be forever in your debt)
Toppings: excellent pepperoni coverage on the PP.  The veg-o-Roma was a little disappointing but the sun-dried tomato and garlic base sauce was lovely. Hot n Spicy verdict from the Bot, "yeah, yeah, it's good".
Size: Gluten-free bases are currently only available in small and will feed one moderately hungry person well.  But three between two would be ideal :-)
Website: We had a few issues trying to select the gluten-free base and the signposting could be clearer, but once we figured things out ordering was pretty straight-forward

Overall, the gluten-free pizza was pretty good and i'll definitely be returning to Dominos for round two asap. get the Clazzerati thumps up.  Well done you.
DISCLOSURE: Clazzerati received free pizzas in exchange for this post.  But the views expressed are all mine and I always give an honest review.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas party nails

- Topshop 'Crystal Clouds' base with Nails Inc. Motcomb Street polka dots -
Tip: create polka dots using the end of a kirby grip!


Friday, 7 December 2012

All I want for Christmas

Getting me RIGHT in the Christmas spirit.  Love Actually, anyone?  Enjoy... x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The view from our first apartment in St. Lucia, Hotel Chocolat

After a whirlwind few months planning the wedding and honeymoon the Bot and I are back to reality with a very cold thud.  We left a mild London behind for 2 weeks of hedonistic sun in St. Lucia and came back to full on WINTER, brrr!

We're slowly returning to normal life post-wedding. BUT, when i've finally organised myself, i'm going to be showcasing a selection of cheap and affordable wedding DIY tutorials for any forthcoming brides looking to add a personal touch to their wedding, including:

  • Wedding make-up (I found TONS of amazing tips/tricks/products)
  • Monochrome table runners
  • Bunting
  • Table names
  • Seating plan 
  • Photobooth backdrop
  • Mui Mui inspired wedding trainers
I'm still waiting for the official photographs, and sorting through all our honeymoon shots, but as soon as they're ready i'll be sharing those too.

Slightly more pressing though is Christmas, cripes we're disorganised this year.  BUT, I did stumble across this fantastic digital craft book for $10 featuring a ton of inexpensive Christmas craft projects - A Hip Handmade Holiday.  I'll be checking this out asap for some last minute gift ideas.

Tootles, Mrs. C