Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Come fly with me

The breakdown...
Sheer shirt: c/o F&F @ Tesco, £14 (you can buy the shirt here)
Vest: v old New Look (like student-old)
Jeans: BDG, $45
Court shoes: c/o F&F @ Tesco, £18 (you can buy the shoes here)

Worn to...hork
Shot at...home, down the road
Inspired by...mid-West meets vintage chunky midi

Mmmm, what's been happening of late?  I did end up buying those shoes...think i'll save 'em for the big 3-0 next week.  30, shucks, how did THAT one creep up.  Meh, it is just a number, right?  Met my INCREDible wedding florist on Saturday...she totally got my ideas, running around the shop pulling things out of no-where and creating these whimsical centre pieces. Can't WAIT to see the final arrangements.  Ooo also met our wedding photographer...which is how the balloon came about.  She took some test shots of us down on the beach so I took along the balloon.  Couldn't resist taking a few more shots before it totally deflates. Must include props more often.  So that's life of late.  Still attempting to eat healthily and gym-it.  If I were a school report i'd say 'could do better'.

Tootles x

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  1. Yay for exciting wedding plans! And those shoes are beautiful indeed!

    Maria xxx


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