Friday, 24 August 2012

London 2012


Whoa there, extended break, woops!  In my defence there are two extremely good reasons for my absence.

  1. The Olympics were taking place in my home town.  Queue 24 hours back-to-back sport for two whole weeks.  I'm now totally down with all the fencing lingo, I honestly believe with a bit of hard work I can get a six pack like Jess Ennis* and the Bot and I could open a shop with the amount of Team GB merchandise we indulged in.  We managed to catch Wiggo in his time trial, see Mo in his 5,000 heat, saw this man snap his pole fault, and cheered on Saudi Arabia's first female Olympic athlete.  What a fortnight, what a city. GO TEAM GB, we rocked!
  2. I'm getting married!  Oh wait, you knew that already.  I'M GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS. Ah, that's better.  Bit more dramatic.  Yep, the Bot and I have brought our wedding forward and are getting married on 17 November this year in Brighton.  Woop, cannot wait!  So you can see why i've been busy.  The venue is booked, dress bought, photographer on-board, florist ready and waiting, one half of one of the six bridesmaids outfits bought. Hmm, still a way to go but I can't wait!
Speaking of weddings i'm off to the lakes this weekend to see possibly the most chilled-out bride i've ever known.  Cue wellies + vintage dress +tweed.  Nice one.

Tootles xx

*Jokes, obvs.  Although I have joined the gym *hopes and prays it'll make a difference in time*

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  1. Loved this catch up!
    And massive congrats on the wedding, so exciting.


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