Friday, 3 August 2012

Going for gold

I've been well and truly swept up in Olympic fever. Can't get ENOUGH of it. And feel so proud to be British right now.

Having the Olympics on your doorstep is schweet. Plus, the roads are super quiet...all that talk about London being crazy busy and 'don't even think about driving in central London' has done the trick; getting to work has never been so easy!

On Wednesday the Bot and I headed down to Hampton Court to watch Wiggo in the time trials. The atmosphere was incredible, everyone was so patriotic; it was Union Jack-tastic. And after the race we headed down to Hampton Court Palace for a little nose around followed by a picnic in the garden. Even bumped into Jane Seymour - Henry VIII's third wife. Can you name all six, and how it all ended? This little rhyme will help you remember!

Have a fab weekend all. We're off to view a wedding venue tomorrow, fingers crossed it's a winner, and then I think we'll try and soak up a bit more Olympic fever. Off to the see the athletics next week too. Woop!Laters x


Yes dog!
The Bot and his rents, flying the flag for Team GB

Going for gold
Jane Seymour. Very much alive and kicking.  She loved my floral crown.  Don't blame her.

Sparkly fingers

The breakdown
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, £25
Top: Topshop, £10
Floral crown: Rock n Rose, £36 - you can buy it here 
Sunnies: Tiger, £2
Bag/boots: super old!
Ring: priceless :-)


  1. This is such a fab post, I love how everyone has Olympic fever and it has been lovely to see communities coming together!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. I love your floral crown too!

  2. Beautiful ring...well done Bot! Congratulations to you both! Xx


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