Monday, 16 July 2012

Walk on the wildside

We spotted this beautiful strip of wildflowers on our cycle to Wimbledon the other week. So en route to the Bot's rents for lunch this weekend it seemed like an ideal spot to stop and snap a few pics.

I'm not one for matchy, matchy outfits (too twee, too French) but I liked how the blues all worked together in this outfit.

It's been a fairly quiet and chilled out weekend; one of those 'sorting out life' weekends. And good to get some much needed sleep before we head off to Secret Garden Party festival this weekend with the crew, cannot wait!  Just need to pray the weather holds out...well, we did just have the first sans rain day of the summer.  And if you believe in the tradition of St Swithun...we're due some pretty decent (and by decent I mean no rain) for the next forty days.  Hope I didn't just jinx it :-)


The breakdown
Cardigan: Forever 21, £15 ish
Top: Primark, £10 ish
Skirt: Matalan, £10 iah
Shoes: Kate Kanzier, £20
Bag: Kate Kanzier (Christmas present from the Bot)
Bracelet (present from my sister)
Earrings: Claire's accessories, £3.50

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  1. Beautiful photos, what a lovely backdrop!

    Maria xxx


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