Friday, 6 July 2012

Review: Warburtons ACE gluten/wheat free range

When the lovely folk at Warburtons asked if i'd like to try their Wheat & Gluten free range the answer was obvious, "Hell yes!"

I've been wheat/gluten free for about five years now.  I do succumb to temptation every now and then (who can say no to free bread at dinner) but i'm soon put in my place.  Be it "down that end", headaches, or feeling ridiculously tired, i've finally learnt that wheat/gluten is not my friend.

But I love bread; freshly baked bread, smothered in butter. Doorstep sandwiches with ham off the bone. God, i'm drooling already.  Thing is, until about last year the wheat/gluten free alternatives were RUBBISH.  Plastic pasta, break that fell apart at the mere sight of a buttered knife.

But now it seems the industry is catching on...and suddenly us "fussy eaters" (this is a personal pet hate of mine...i'm not fussy, my body REJECTS wheat, hello?) now have a plethora of choice, nice one Warbs!

Here's my mini review of Warburtons so far (the rest is stocked in my freezer - that's right people, this stuff freezes. Revolutionary for us G/WF peeps).

Spiced fruit loaf
I took this beauty to the office for a taste-off, and 'cos everyone loves a Friday afternoon treat.  Fellow G/W free friend gave it a big thumbs up.  The rest of the "normal" eaters thought it was pretty good...only one minor comment that the butter didn't melt into the loaf as much as "normal" loaves.  Honestly, if they only knew...
Score: 3.5/5
Brown rolls
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Sliced well, held their own against the butter and tasted like a real roll.  These will be featuring in my lunch box a lot.
Score: 4/5
I hadn't had one of these in years...i'm pretty sure my mum used to give them to me and my sister when we got home from school, along with a mug of hot Ribena.  Prime comfort food, delicious. The real deal.
Score: 5/5

The bread
Now you might be able to nail a teacake, Warburtons, but what about the bread?  So often G/W free bread is sweet, dry, miniature (why is that? are G/W free people smaller?), and crumbly.  I DREAM of being able to make a sandwich to take to work for my lunch (hey, we don't all dream of moving to Hollywood, some of our dreams are more, say, achievable).  But I was impressed, very impressed.  Ham, salad and salad cream sandwich, no problem.  Did it crumble when the butter knife hit the surface? Did it hell.  And the final test...would it satisfy two ravenous, slightly intoxicated folk at the end of a night on the town.  Why yes it did. Nom, nom, nom.

Big ups Warbs, i'm quite excited that you and your G/W free family are now a staple feature in my kitchen cupboard.  I'd say i'm even starting to feel vaguely normal.  Well, just vaguely.

Happy weekends all x


  1. That's so true, why is Wheatfree bread always so small?! Have to say I was always partial to Emily's when we lived together, but celebrating the fact you can now make a decent sandwich! Xx

  2. This has made me laugh. I may have to join your club of fussy eaters. Im of to the doc next week to see what im intollerant to and have a strong feeling it is bread! ;-(

    1. from tash

    2. Oh no, what a bummer. Now I don't know which Tash you are (I know two) but if it's Tashlet did you know a lot of women become intolerant to certain foods after having a baby? So i hear anyway. Nerd, if it's you IGNORE (unless you're're not are you? That would be ACE, ha ha!) xx

    3. HAHA its nerd. NOT PREGNANT! Sad Times think im also intollent to cheese!

    4. No, not cheese, that is AWFUL! Maybe it's just cow's milk...then at least you could have goat's cheese? Hopefully see you Sunday hun. Either way GOOD LUCK!!

    5. After almost 45 years of so called "fussy eating" I am happy to be part of a group who realise there is life after bread. I have either Lifestyle or Genius bread, both on prescription for those eligible,these are the latest I have personally tried, both are nice (long time since i had 'proper bread' so I am used to the cardboard tastes of GF/WF dietary products. I must say at this point, I am glad that someone had the realism that GF/WF diets are growing to 1 in 4 or thereabouts, and so long term, the profits would drop with standard bread etc, the more of us there are the less we buy the 'normal products, hence higher prices or bigger losses, someone had to educate them to jump on the bandwagon for long term profits.

  3. Finally some more gluten/wheat free products! Will be looking out for these on the monthly shop! x


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