Friday, 29 June 2012

Wimbledon essentials

If you're planning a trip down to centre court here are just a few essentials to keep you going...

  • Fluro piping tennis dress (so you can pretend you play), Topshop
  • Chanel tennis rackets (I should be surprised, but i'm not), Chanel
  • Wayferers (for checking out the schlebs), Ray-Ban
  • Duffle rucksack (for storing munchies and the pod), ASOS
  • Strawbs & cream (despite costing the same as your mortgage, it needs to be done)
  • Poncho ('cos it always rains, despite the weather forecast), Mink
  • Trainers (comfy, cool classics), Converse

The Bot and I will be heading down next weekend for some Murray Mound action and a pint of Pimms. Ace.

Have a fab weekend all xx

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