Monday, 18 June 2012

The Sunday scarf print tunic

I'll be honest.  I'm not really a Next girl.  Well, up until Monday 11th June I wasn't.  I always felt it was a bit 'mumsy'.  So when the lovely folk at Next offered me a little voucher I was intrigued.  And surprised.

The stores I visited were filled with bright, bold summery pieces.  Pretty, floaty dresses adorned the racks. But the shoes.  Wowzers. I was v impressed; cork wedges, metallics, colour-blocking.  The price points were pretty good too offering a real range from your basic tee at £10 to sweet tulle 50s style prom dresses at £60.

I decided to max out my voucher and get two for the price of one - you know I love a bargain.  I instantly fell for this uber-comfy scarf print tunic.  In a weird way the design kinda reminded me of the baseball tops we I used to wear in the 90s.  But I was drawn to the yellow polka dots and paisley pattern.  

It's already become of one those go-to outfits as it doesn't require much styling i.e. perfect for a Sunday sloth.  But equally do-able for the office.  In fact, it got a lot of "Ooo, I like your dress! It's from Next? Wow. Only £18. Nice!" from girls in the office.

I'll be showcasing the shoes soon, watch this space.  Happy Monday all x


  1. Huge top knot envy! You look lovely as usual xxx

  2. Gorgeous pictures, and the tunic is very pretty - as you say can be dressed up or down. Love it.

  3. Gorgeous, who would have thought it was from next!

    Maria xxx

  4. I used to wear baseball tops (I still do actually), raglan sleeves for the win! ;) I love this tunic, it looks fab on you and I'm loving the scarf print


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