Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Great British summer

The Great British summer.  Every year we eagerly await the start of summer.  The clocks go back and even losing an hour of sleep doesn't seem that bad when the prospect of long, warm, summer nights is on the cards.

And so we wait.  And we shop. And we buy the BBQ supplies.  And we wait some more.  Out of no-where the temperatures soar to 30C and we declare, "Summer is here!" And just as quickly as it arrives, it is gone.  A short burst of summer that barely gives us enough time to acclimatise and unpack our summer wardrobe (mine is still in the cupboard under the stairs).

Oh how I wish we could just have two months of lovely, warm weather.  25C would do.  I'd be happy then.

Right now all I can think about what we should be doing, if it were actually summer, and not pouring with rain.  And the reality of the current situation.

Camp-fires with friends, preferably on a beach...instead of cranking the heating

Floaty, pleated, pastel skirts with bare legs...instead of tights (albeit spotty ones)

Refreshing belinis on the terrace...instead of mulled wine

Frapuccinnos...instead of cups of tea (I do LOVE tea, but not in summer)

Dainty sandals with pretty, painted toes...instead of chunky boots

Flowers woven into my hair, especially at a festival...instead of my beanie

Sweet lace collars and throws...instead of my winter coat

Twirling vintage parasols in the sunshine...instead of misplacing my umbrella, everday

BBQs with friends in our garden...instead of comfort-eating foods like stews

Donning a crop top...instead of cosying up in my chunky-knit cardigan

Oh summer, wherefore art thou? x

All photos from weheartit.com


  1. Sigh. To have more than one week of sunshine would be amazing.
    But as I currently wade to work with an umbrella I see it as a distant dream.

  2. I totally agree, I can't believe I am still wearing JUMPERS!

    Maria xxx


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