Tuesday, 5 June 2012

God save the Queen

British and proud.  Despite the rain London, and Great Britain, truly shone this weekend. London was decorated head-to-toe in red, white and blue bunting and chants of "God Save the Queen" echoed down the streets.   From the mile long flotilla of boats down the river Thames (the most amount of boats on the river since the 17th Century, fact), to the Jubilee concert and the countless street parties, the Great British spirit has never felt stronger.  

Yes, the Queen, our Queen, celebrated 60 glorious years on the throne this year. Thrust onto the throne at the tender age of 26 when her father died unexpectedly, she has served our country ever since.  

I've never really been a royalist.  Growing up in the Charles and Diana era the Royal Family always seemed a bit awkward, different, behind the times.  And i'm sure many of us weren't really that fussed about them. But times have changed, they've changed, and we've moved on.  Old Charlie boy, well, I never knew quite how hilarious he was.  William and Harry, despite the silver spoon, feel almost like one of us, a drink down the pub with them them would be almost normal (unless it's Mahiki, and then count me out).  And the Duke, well, he's British eccentricity at its best.

What an incredible weekend to be British and living in London.  God save the Queen!

How many Royals can you spot in this picture?  Yup, that's right, as their boat went past the Queen and the Duke were INSIDE and we missed them, typical!

Oh Boris, bless you

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