Friday, 29 June 2012

Wimbledon essentials

If you're planning a trip down to centre court here are just a few essentials to keep you going...

  • Fluro piping tennis dress (so you can pretend you play), Topshop
  • Chanel tennis rackets (I should be surprised, but i'm not), Chanel
  • Wayferers (for checking out the schlebs), Ray-Ban
  • Duffle rucksack (for storing munchies and the pod), ASOS
  • Strawbs & cream (despite costing the same as your mortgage, it needs to be done)
  • Poncho ('cos it always rains, despite the weather forecast), Mink
  • Trainers (comfy, cool classics), Converse

The Bot and I will be heading down next weekend for some Murray Mound action and a pint of Pimms. Ace.

Have a fab weekend all xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Out and about

A few snaps which nicely sum up life right now; wedding, reading, eating and drinking.  

Happy Wednesday lovelies xx

Friday, 22 June 2012

I liked it so I went and put a crop in it

Why have a dress, when you can have a skirt AND a crop top.  OMG, if ever there was a trend designed for the pear-shaped amongst us, THIS IS IT.

Cute and retro AND you get three items for you wardrobe: a dress, a skirt and a top.  Amazing.

Definitely getting involved in this trend when summer decides to pop along.
Blogger Krystal at This Time Tomorrow

Kelly Brook for New Look - skirt, £24.99
Kelly Brook for New Look - bustier, £24.99

Bon weekends all! x

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Sunday scarf print tunic

I'll be honest.  I'm not really a Next girl.  Well, up until Monday 11th June I wasn't.  I always felt it was a bit 'mumsy'.  So when the lovely folk at Next offered me a little voucher I was intrigued.  And surprised.

The stores I visited were filled with bright, bold summery pieces.  Pretty, floaty dresses adorned the racks. But the shoes.  Wowzers. I was v impressed; cork wedges, metallics, colour-blocking.  The price points were pretty good too offering a real range from your basic tee at £10 to sweet tulle 50s style prom dresses at £60.

I decided to max out my voucher and get two for the price of one - you know I love a bargain.  I instantly fell for this uber-comfy scarf print tunic.  In a weird way the design kinda reminded me of the baseball tops we I used to wear in the 90s.  But I was drawn to the yellow polka dots and paisley pattern.  

It's already become of one those go-to outfits as it doesn't require much styling i.e. perfect for a Sunday sloth.  But equally do-able for the office.  In fact, it got a lot of "Ooo, I like your dress! It's from Next? Wow. Only £18. Nice!" from girls in the office.

I'll be showcasing the shoes soon, watch this space.  Happy Monday all x

Friday, 15 June 2012

Fat calves and a wobbly bottom.


There.  I said it.  I have fat calves and a wobbly bottom.  I haven't just realised this, you'll understand.  I've always thought it.  Growing up I HATED my figure. All my friends had, in my eyes, the perfect figure; skinny. You don't appreciate having curves when you're younger. Or a womanly figure. You just want to be like everyone else.

I down-right hated being a pear-shape.  My sister said I was all out of proportion.  And that's how I felt. When I was 19 a boy kindly remarked, "Wow, your calves are huge."  That did wonders for my self-esteem.

And so, like many girls, I had a jumper surgically attached around my waist for most of the 90s in an attempt to cover my ass.  And I turned to jeans because I hated my calves being on show in a skirt. I wore clothes that could cover up all my flaws.  Actually, I had a brief affair with skirts at around 16, but then I hadn't appreciated the benefits of nipping in my waist with a belt.

As I got older I became more interested in fashion.  Not following fashion, but exploring fashion, and finding what clothes actually suited ME. And fell in love with the 50s; nipped in waists and SKIRTS. And so I started to wear skirts again.  And loved it. 

My opinion of my body hasn't changed, but i've learnt to accept it.  It's definitely an age thing.  I'm turning 30 this year and whilst I still have various hang-ups with my body, I CARE less about them, or what people think about them.  Discovering men actually LIKED bottoms was a revelation.  Hearing boys say they actually preferred curvy women was a lightning bolt.  I wasn't a freak!

This is partly why I have so many clothes in my wardrobe that i've never worn.  Because they might expose a part of me that I hate, and assume everyone else will mock.  But in reality, no-one actually gives a toss.  

And so, what I guess i'm trying to say is don't let your own hang-ups hold you back. Ok, i'm talking about fashion in this context, fairly trivial stuff.  But to those people who mock you for having this, or that, screw 'em.  They've probably got terrible dress sense anyway.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Great British summer

The Great British summer.  Every year we eagerly await the start of summer.  The clocks go back and even losing an hour of sleep doesn't seem that bad when the prospect of long, warm, summer nights is on the cards.

And so we wait.  And we shop. And we buy the BBQ supplies.  And we wait some more.  Out of no-where the temperatures soar to 30C and we declare, "Summer is here!" And just as quickly as it arrives, it is gone.  A short burst of summer that barely gives us enough time to acclimatise and unpack our summer wardrobe (mine is still in the cupboard under the stairs).

Oh how I wish we could just have two months of lovely, warm weather.  25C would do.  I'd be happy then.

Right now all I can think about what we should be doing, if it were actually summer, and not pouring with rain.  And the reality of the current situation.

Camp-fires with friends, preferably on a beach...instead of cranking the heating

Floaty, pleated, pastel skirts with bare legs...instead of tights (albeit spotty ones)

Refreshing belinis on the terrace...instead of mulled wine

Frapuccinnos...instead of cups of tea (I do LOVE tea, but not in summer)

Dainty sandals with pretty, painted toes...instead of chunky boots

Flowers woven into my hair, especially at a festival...instead of my beanie

Sweet lace collars and throws...instead of my winter coat

Twirling vintage parasols in the sunshine...instead of misplacing my umbrella, everday

BBQs with friends in our garden...instead of comfort-eating foods like stews

Donning a crop top...instead of cosying up in my chunky-knit cardigan

Oh summer, wherefore art thou? x

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

God save the Queen

British and proud.  Despite the rain London, and Great Britain, truly shone this weekend. London was decorated head-to-toe in red, white and blue bunting and chants of "God Save the Queen" echoed down the streets.   From the mile long flotilla of boats down the river Thames (the most amount of boats on the river since the 17th Century, fact), to the Jubilee concert and the countless street parties, the Great British spirit has never felt stronger.  

Yes, the Queen, our Queen, celebrated 60 glorious years on the throne this year. Thrust onto the throne at the tender age of 26 when her father died unexpectedly, she has served our country ever since.  

I've never really been a royalist.  Growing up in the Charles and Diana era the Royal Family always seemed a bit awkward, different, behind the times.  And i'm sure many of us weren't really that fussed about them. But times have changed, they've changed, and we've moved on.  Old Charlie boy, well, I never knew quite how hilarious he was.  William and Harry, despite the silver spoon, feel almost like one of us, a drink down the pub with them them would be almost normal (unless it's Mahiki, and then count me out).  And the Duke, well, he's British eccentricity at its best.

What an incredible weekend to be British and living in London.  God save the Queen!

How many Royals can you spot in this picture?  Yup, that's right, as their boat went past the Queen and the Duke were INSIDE and we missed them, typical!

Oh Boris, bless you