Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It appears I missed the memo; Clarks got cool.

Mention the name Clarks to most women my age (late-20s, just) and they will recall childhood memories of being fitted for navy blue flat Mary Janes with the cut-out daisies (incidentally they still sell these shoes now, although the design is referred to as 'nostalgic' -ha, now i'm feeling my age).

I've not shopped in Clarks since my mother took me in the 80s.  And since then i've always considered it a shop for children, or frumpy older women. Until now.

First a friend told me she'd seen this uh-mazing pair of white brogues that were right up my boulevard.  She wasn't wrong.  Then another friend plonked a copy of Stylist on my desk showing a Clarks ad.  "Thought you'd like these cute wedges".  She was right.

And then a few weeks ago I was invited to the Yellow Door (Mary Portas's agency) press day.  And low and behold, one of their clients was Clarks.

Clarks Autumn range will see classic British heritage tweeds with stock heels - very Mad Men, but practical. That's the thing will Clarks - you can actually wear their shoes to walk in.  But because we can't wait till autumn, I thought i'd share a few of my favourite styles, all available now...

Simple, chic brogues, with the iconic Clarks daisy cut out.  Made with leather - now that makes a nice change
Henderson Sky bone leather brogues, £49.99

Collaborations with Liberty Art Fabrics resulting in retro-inspired wedges, perfect for teaming with floaty summer dresses

Scent bottle blue suede wedge, £54.99
Classic animal print lounge slippers - these beauties will really stand out when teamed with tailored black cropped trousers and a crisp white shirt
Aintree ticket, £39.99

And they've also collaborated with, lo and behold, Mary Portas.  Their S/S collection is full of snakeskin, colour pops and metallics.  

La Minx black suede boots, £110.00
La Gigi coral sandals, £79.99
La Peep snakeskin shoes, £89.99

I don't know about you but I feel a real British resurgence going on.  Yes, I know it's a Jubilee/Olympic year so the rest of the world is going more 'Brit-mad' than normal this year.  No, I mean we, us Brits, are finally flying the Brit flag again.  Not only are WE loving our home-grown brands more and more, we are starting to talk about them with pride.  

Rule Britannia!


  1. You read my mind Clazza. I need to get some new shoes and fancied a look past the usual high street suspects - wouldn't have thought of going to Clarks.

  2. Loving the Liberty wedges! I've been a Clarks girly for years, despite my youth (ha!). As my great-grandma used to say: you should always have comfy shoes and a comfy bed, because if you're not in one you're in the other ;)

  3. I love Clarks, there's a pair of gorgeous yellow sandals which I am saving up for!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love Clarks, so comfy and (now) so stylish! And I'm so happy we're flying the British flag again, I think we have a great country and it's time we were proud of it again


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