Sunday, 22 April 2012

The secretary

I bought this dress on eBay about 2 years ago.  But somehow every-time I tried it on it was never quite 'right'.  The material is really heavy, almost like a tennis skirt.  And I loved wearing it round the house but for some reason I could never find the right occasion to wear it.  And so it sat in the wardrobe gathering dust, until now.  There wasn't any 'right' occasion, I guess I just grew into the dress - it feels 'me' somehow now.  Do you ever get that with clothes?  And on arriving in Wales I found it fitted in perfectly with the 1950s vibe of our cottage, bonza!  

I don't think I mentioned on here that the Bot proposed with the temporary ring as he knew how much I wanted to chose 'the' ring.  Well this weekend we found 'the one'. Tres exciting! I'll be showcasing it on here very soon - it's currently being re-sized - but I can confirm that (surprise, surprise) it is vintage and I LOVE IT!

Hope you had lovely weekends xx

The breakdown
Dress: vintage via eBay, £12 ish
Cardigan: Primark, £6
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, £25


  1. Gorgeous dress! Looking forward to seeing the ring - it's nice to get a vintage/antique one because it has a bit of history!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous dress and I love it with the yellow. Perfect combination.
    Can't wait to see the ring! Mine was made the year I was born, Andy hunted it down at a fayre.

  3. I love this dress but I also adore your hair! Can't wait to seer the ring! :D

    Maria xxx

  4. The dress is very original and really fantastic and you look adorable with it and also with this up hairdo ! Your hair is gorgeous !

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  5. the mustard tone of your cardigan looks great on you, you look lovely! and your hair looks just amazing in a high bun! xx

  6. You look beyond gorgeous here. Like you should be on the set of Madmen! <3

    Mmmmm i always intend to wear my vintage dresses but i always feel shy come the morning and hide them away. English weather makes me want to wear jumpers and jeans not dresses :(



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