Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Strike a post

Last week my company surprised everyone with a iPad, AN iPad!  As a thank you.  We work in PR, we're very chatty people, but the room almost fell silent. Gobsmacked.

The Bot of course loves it, he's been wanting one for ages.  I however have taken to taking weird photos of myself in the magic mirrors app.  It's a good reality check.

Happy Wednesday lovelies 



  1. Hahaha I absolutely love that you posted these pics! Wish my work gave me an iPad :(

  2. Oh my god, that's the best post I've ever seen in the history of ever! Great photos, even though I'm insanely jealous, my poor MacBook laptop has almost reached the end of its life, I wish someone would give me an iPad! Such an awesome present and what a fab company you work for to dish them out as pressies! Don't suppose they need a copy writer ;)


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