Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine's idea: The date envelope

Forget 12 red roses this year **yawn** - get creative this Valentine's Day.

The lovely lady* behind the blog Find Joy In The Journey posted details of her amazing Christmas gift for her husband, which would totally work for Valentine's Day.

She got 12 envelopes and in each one put details of a date she had planned for that month with her husband. Almost all were things they had never done before. Each month they will open the envelope together, discover what the date is, and decide on a date to do it.

How stinking cute is that?

A perfect (and in my eye non-cheesy) way to make someone feel very special this Valentine's Day, and you only need to create 11 as we're already in February, even better!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies, xx

* I couldn't find her name anywhere on her blog, so sorry nameless lady for not crediting you here!


  1. I love this idea, it's such a great way to spend time together. Now if I can just find me a stunning boyfriend who doesn't mind everything being covered in wolf hair (including me) then I'm good to go! ;)

  2. how nice. thanks for sharing that story, it sounds so sweet.
    i like this post
    wish you a wonderful weekend

  3. nice post!Follow each other?

  4. I really love this idea, I really want to do this some time!

  5. Oh wow that really is a supercute idea!
    I'm definitely gonna recommend this!

  6. this is the cutest idea ever! i love it :)


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