Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sewing project: back to basics (with a hint of vintage)

My New Year's resolution in 2011 was to sew more.  And it didn't go too badly (you can see my creations here) but it's still an on-going mission of mine to sew more.
I started this skirt over Christmas, yet only finished it a couple of weeks ago.  Still, at least I finished this one - i've got tons up unfinished projects (crafty ladies, i'm sure you'll sympathise with me on this!)

This was a really simple New Look pattern (you can buy it here) - I was desperate for quite a plain black skirt to use as a basic and figured it'd be pretty easy to knock up.  The material is kinda crepey and quite suit-like, if you get me (I think it's 100% cotton, but can't be sure).  And the buttons are vintage, passed down from through the Bot's family, pretty neat.

First up, pin your pattern to the material

Next step, cut out the pieces

Darts - easier than they look, trust me 

Dart markings

I cannot stress enough how much better your sewing projects will be if you press everything as you go

Always tack the zip in place - it ensure you don't go off track and b*gger up the entire outfit (been there, done that)

Sewing in the zip

Positioning the buttons

Don't judge me, but I get quite excited about a bag of vintage buttons

Hemming has to be the most boring part of sewing an outfit.  I have been known to skip this step entirely on tops - not advisable, at some point you will have to sew the hem, otherwise you'll unravel all over the shop

Vintage hooks & eyes - found at my grandmother's house recently

Et voila, the finished article!
Happy Wednesday lovelies xx


  1. Love it, you are so clever!
    I haven't the patience with zips so generally use buttons. :)

  2. talented ! and gorgeous !!

    love it !

    have you seen my latest post ?

  3. You are very talented indeed! x

  4. this is so good!
    love your shirt too. x

  5. Your skirt looks amazing and your blazer is so cute, I adore the colour <3

  6. WoW girl you got skills! Making me want to invest in a sewing machine.


  7. It looks great! Vintage buttons are very exciting, don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!

  8. Looks gorgeous, and love the vintage buttons. xx

  9. awesome look, the skirt really is amazing! love the buttons :) ♥

  10. I always love your DIY projects, you make me feel like I could try (no easy feat I assure you!)

    Maria xxx


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