Friday, 6 January 2012

A little Christmas stroll down by the river

Anyone else feel like they've run a marathon this week? The adjustment back to normality and work has been hard.  Gone are the days of pork, chocolate and Bucks Fizz for breakfast. I miss Christmas!

Bot took these photos down by Hampton Court Palace (you can just see it in the background) just after Christmas.  I'm proudly showing off at least three of my Christmas presents (hat, snood, bag).  Knitted items were clearly all the rage this year as I received a fabulous hat from my sister, and a snood and headband from friends.  I know some seriously talented crafty people!!  And let me introduce you to my new little satchel in the perfect shade of blue.  He's a beaut.

Do you have any plans this weekend?  We're heading into the City tonight for some birthday drinks but then I envisage a full-on sloth weekend with lots of fry-ups.  Yum.

Have a good one peeps xx

The breakdown
Dress: handmade by me
Top: Primark, £1.50
Hat: Christmas present, knitted by my sister
Snood: Christmas present, knitted by my friend
Bag: Kate Kanzier (present)
Shoes: Argentina
Tights: Primark, £1.50


  1. I love your shoes!I love your bag!I love your handmade dress!I love your hat!

  2. you look so good
    I love what the stripes do for the outfit

  3. Wow - I love these photos! And with such beautiful lighting too!

  4. Really cute look!

  5. Aww nice and super cute outfit, the perfect colours ! Your shoes are adorable !!! XOXO

  6. awesome look! love the bag and shoes! ♥

  7. Ah, this outfit is so sweet. I love the stripes layered under your drew and your patterned hat. Lovely look. xx


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