Monday, 23 January 2012

Four for the price of one

Hat: present                                      Shirt: c/o Matalan                           Shirt: donated by a friend!            Blazer: H&M, £29.99
Shirt: vintage via my gran                  Cardigan: F21, £14.99                     Jumper: ASOS, £45                        Top: thrifted, £4.50
Skirt: Urban Outfitters, £45               Belt: Hobbs thrifted, £5                  Jeans: Primark, £6                        Jeans: BDG, $45
Tights: unknown                                 Skirt: Primark, £9 ish                      Heels: New Look, £24.99                 Brogues: bought in Argentina
Shoes: Primark, £10                           Tights: unknown
                                                         Heels: Primark, £10

Winter means one thing - no sun.  Ok, it shines for like 2 hours a day but I leave for work in dark, I return home in the dark.  I feel like some weird nocturnal animal.  This does mean that I pretty much have no time for outfit shots, except on weekends.  And i'm certainly not going to spend my entire weekend taking outfit shots (I think it would certainly spell the end of my relationship with the Bot). So, in the interim, i'm going to be relying on the trusty iPhone for my shots.  I'll still take the normal shots when I can, but this way you can see some of my mid-week outfits.

I've spent the entire weekend coughing and expelling copious amounts of snot from my body.  I've OD'd on Lemsip, Vix, honey, lemon and ginger and watched A LOT of TV.  However, i'm hoping that i'll be on top form this evening, as i'm off to a blogger cook-off courtesy of Wines of Bordeaux, I can't wait!  Working in teams, we've all been told which meat we're cooking with, but the rest of the ingredients have been kept secret, until tonight.  So if you know any good pork recipes, send my way asap!

Are we friends on Twitter?  If so you can follow my antics tonight and find out who wins! And you can also follow #bloggercookoff .



  1. Good luck! I have no doubt I'll be giggling like a loon at what I'm sure will be crazy tweets during the cook off!

  2. The red jumper is my favourite, i love that colour at the moment :)

  3. just followed you on twitter :)


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