Thursday, 26 January 2012

Falling off the wagon

Back in my younger days I always got excited about the sales. I'd rush out, sometimes on Boxing Day, to grab myself a bargain.  But it was never really a bargain because nine times out of 10 I never ended wearing the damn things.  And so I mostly avoid the sales.

But the sales don't avoid me.  That's the problem with having online accounts with most of the high street stores; they have your e-mail address.  And so for the past month I have been diligently deleting 99% of the sale e-mails that have been pouring into my inbox.  And then I succumbed, just once mind.  I found the perfect pair of cropped black trousers.  And after throwing in a few extra items into the shopping trolley (as one does, they are ON SALE after all) I proceeded to the check-out to find the trousers were no longer available. Some sneaky bugger had trumped me. I almost bought the rest of the stuff until that little voice of reason popped up and reminded me I didn't actually need any of it.  

And so I carried on through January feeling slightly smug.  Until those e-mails appeared.  I had become used to repeatedly pushing the delete button of a morning but then one day three little words caught my eye; final sale reductions.  And I fell off the wagon.  

The breakdown
It's all from Urban Outfitters
Dress: £35
Spot blouse: £22
Rug: £15
Wallet: £5


  1. oh crumbs I believe I am in love with your new rug ! WOW what a beauty

  2. I almost cried when I clicked away from that beautiful dress, it's divine!

    Maria xxx

  3. That dress is divine, I am so very very jealous!


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