Friday, 20 January 2012

Boxing Day walkabout

These photos were taken on our Boxing Day stroll.  We walked all the way from my mum's house along to the park in town, following the river.  It's funny, I lived in St. Albans for about 18 years, yet had never done this walk before.  Do you find that?  When you live somewhere you don't take advantage of all it has to offer.  It's only when you leave, and then return as a visitor that you actually do those things.  


I scored this vintage 80s jumper on eBay just before Christmas for 99p, result!  I like to think of it as my golfing jumper, on account of the pattern, but I love the two little pockets at the front, perfect for keeping my little hands warm on brisk walks.  And the fur headband was a present from the Bot.  He calls me "Caggs" whenever I wear it...not entirely sure i'm a fan of Caggs on account of her being a complete prick-tease.  But she does wear nice clothes, occasionally

Source: Google images

Crimbo pressie from the sis

The breakdown
Duffle coat: Vero Moda, £65
Jumper: vintage via eBay, 99p
Jeans: BDG, $45
Bracelet: present from my sister
Wellies: Hunter via mum
Socks: ASOS (v. old)

Have fab weekends all, do you have any fun plans?  I'm off to a film workshop tomorrow, can't wait to learn how to write a script, frame shots and edit. Watch this space Speilberg! xx


  1. That is one awesome jumper, and made all the better by knowing that it was such a bargain! :)

  2. I always feel bad for not exploring more of my surroundings, but I guess we just get caught up in our routine, that we don't take enough time to appreciate them....until we leave! But maybe that's a god thing too, you get to see those places and appreciate them in a new way once you go back!
    I really love your green Hunters, they're such a classic!
    Happy week-end!

  3. theres apparently a beautiful walk with lots of water falls a mile from my house...never seen it... i must go look, lol!
    love this coat so much!! it goes with everything:D

  4. love your coat! been looking for one like it for ageees, gahh,
    the jumpers great too :)
    Rosie xo

  5. I love the head wrap especially the way you've styled your hair through it :)


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