Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2012 style

This year I want to attempt to have a more defined style (at least in my own head).  I often think about what pieces I want to buy in store, but when I get there I always end up buying dresses, or bits I don't really need.  So this year, i've created a list of things I really want. Pieces I can add to my wardrobe bit by bit to create a wardrobe I can use, rather than despairing of a morning that "I have NOTHING to wear!"

1. Blazers
Classic, chic, and smartening up any outfit, I definitely need more of these in my life. 
Featured: H&M blazer, £34.99 http://www.hm.com/gb/product/97065?article=97065-B

2. Details
It's the little details that are often the most interesting parts of an outfit, such as a brooch or a cardigan clip. So I plan on gathering lots of interesting little tit bits this year.
Source: Google images

3. Pencil skirts
I'm a classic pear-shape, and vertically-challenged, standing at only 5"3, so I always figured pencil skirts were off limits.  However, i'm totally digging them this year. Combined with a fitted shirt, statement necklace, heels and small handbag, these babies scream ladylike chic.  Let the collection begin!
Featured: ASOS hounds tooth pencil skirt, £25

4. Midi heels
I wear flats pretty much all the time. But I do purchase the odd killer heel for nights out.  Problem is these don't exactly work during the day.  I'd like to wear them to work, don't get me wrong, but I have about 25 mins each day to walk from home to the tube, station to work. And the end result is always blisters and me moaning, a lot.  I have two pairs of midis that i've started wearing a lot more, so I want to invest in more. More shoes that I can actually wear. Yup, i'm getting practical in my old age.
Featured: New Look midi heels, £24.99

5. The statement necklace
I have a whole collection of necklaces I never wear; cute little pendants that look adorable hanging by my mirror but that I rarely wear.  This year i'm after the statement necklace, a couple in fact, to do their thing and 'make' an outfit.
Featured: ASOS metal collar, £12

6. Cropped trousers
"The pink ladies pledge is to act cool, to look cool and to beeeeeeeeeeeee cool." Grease 2's Stephanie Zinonie is one cool chic, epitomizing the 1950s/60s.  And she wears cropped trousers too well.  Coupled with a little heel, tight tee or shirt and a killer jacket this will be a great look for the office. I also read somewhere once that a woman should reveal only her skinniest parts, so this fits in nicely with that mantra!
Featured: Topshop ankle grazers, £38

7. Shirts
Shirts, blouses, if it's got a bit of structure (i.e. a good collar) I want it this year.  I love the androgynous feel a shirt buttoned all the way up gives so I plan to get lots more of these this year.
Featured: Zara blouse, £22.99

8. Happy hair
Last year I finally started investing in my hair with regular visits to Andrew Barton's salon (I can't recommend these guys enough) and using products such as Redken as opposed to whatever was on offer at Sainsburys.  I've never been one of those girls whose hair 'makes them' if you get what I mean, so I tend to wear it up a lot.  But i'm keep to experiment a bit more with different styles (A Cup of Jo always features great hair tutorials) and using more interesting accessories.  Watch this space!
Featured: Jo from Lost in the Haze with these cute red ribbons in her hair

9. Brogues
As I mentioned on #4, I pretty much wear flats all the time, but don't seem to invest in them, it always tends to be heels.  So I plan on building up a bigger collection of these so I don't end up wearing the same pair all the time and ruining them.
Featured: Kate Kanzier brogues, £25

Are you coveting any particular items this year?  Or do you prefer to just wing it and see how your wardrobe evolves..

Happy Tuesday xx


  1. I love the picks you have featured here. Some great pieces to covet, really. I am sort of freewheeling with my wardrobe, and want to see what direction my style takes.

  2. Nice post! I like it: these trends are so nice!!!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Win an amazing dress by entering the Free People giveaway??? on my blog!

  3. I'll be winging it! I saw those trousers in Topshop but couldn't decide whether I liked them or not :)

  4. best of luck with your fashion goals this year. I hope to expand my hair dos too. I tend to stick to one look (wavy) but want to try up dos.


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