Friday, 16 December 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

I think i've found my new place to take outfits.  Well during the week at least because i've now figured out how to take shots inside without the horrible orangey light (thanks Bot for teaching me all about tungsten light). And seeing as I only seem to be at home in the dark and the weather is turning nasty the living room will do nicely for now.

Meet Mr. Nutcracker.  We picked him up from Macys a couple of years ago when we were in New York. At the time every other advert (or should I say commercial) seemed to feature the Nutcracker shouting, "Argh, people just keep feeding me nuts".  So it's become a bit of a tradition to place him on the mantelpiece at Christmas and for me to shout, "Arghhhhhhhhhh people just keep feeding me nuts" (guess you probably had to be there). 

This is one of favourite decorations this year.  I picked up some cardboard letters from Hobbycraft, spray painted them white and then dunked them in tray of silver glitter.  I had originally wanted it to say 'Ho Ho Ho' but they ran out of 'O's, go figure.

How rad is this shot?  When I saw these piccies over at Click it up a notch with some super easy instructions I totes had to give it a try.  Ok, so it's a bit dark, but have you ever seen a Christmas tree look so magical? I would definitely class myself as a beginner when it's comes to photography but there are so many fab tutorials online these days i'm picking up a few little tricks along the way. I'll be giving Cecil Beaton a run for his money soon.

The breakdown
Shirt: Primark (2009)
Skirt: made by me
Tights: Dorothy Perkins, £5
Shoes: a little place in Buenos Aires

Quite a few random musings today- I guess that's whats happens when you spend half your week consuming more food that you normally would in a month (my quarter pounder with cheese quota is out of control) and drinking way too many Jager Bombs.  Classy.

Happy damn Friday all, have wonderful weekends xx


  1. Aw! I love your Christmas tree! I've been looking for snowflake ornaments for ages!!! May I be really cheeky and ask where are yours from?

    Also love the outfit. I used to get my polka dot tights from primark, but I couldn't find them anymore so i'll definitely check Dorothy Perkins for them! I would have never guessed the skirt was handmade!

    -Elodie x

  2. Not cheeky at all my love, but sadly they are from Target in the States! I got some really similar goldy/bronze ones from B&Q this year though, which i've hung from the ceiling in my corridor. They're pretty identical! Thanks for the comment! xx

  3. love it!

  4. DAMNIT! I'll check the B&Q ones though. Ou tree's gold, silver with touches of red and burgundy so bronze could work! Thanks for getting back to me. : ) x


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