Monday, 28 November 2011

I got the moves like Jagger

Ah it's so nice to actually feel rejuvenated after the weekend, which compared to how I felt last week is a mahoosive improvement.  I took in my first Zumba class which was AMAZEBALLS. Ok, so I still sweated copious amounts (one of the reasons I hate exercise), and my face turned grossly red and blotchy (reason #2) and it was hard work (#3), but I can honestly say it's the only time i've had a smile on my face whilst exercising.  How can you not smile when you're thrusting away to Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger and being encouraged to sing along by your (very, very camp) instructor.  

What do you think of the new dress?  When Matalan asked if i'd liked to style up this 60s block colour dress OF COURSE I said yes.  Well, I was actually a tad concerned that the white skirt part wouldn't exactly be kind on the old hips (being a pear shape n all - and as any pear-shaped girl knows, you should always wear darker colours on your bottom half) but it turned out just fine.  And paired with the beehive (courtesy of my Bumpit), and a quick slick of black eyeliner, this is one little dress that have you swinging your hips Austin Powers style in no time! Oh, and did I mention it's £20?  Swoon.

Excuse the rather pale face - I had my last microdermabrasion session on Saturday and you're banned from wearing make-up for 24 hours after (I figured eye make-up didn't really count!).

The breakdown
Dress: c/o Matalan, £20
Tights: Matalan, £5
Shoes: Primark, £10.50
Coat: TKMaxx (seriously old, can't even remember how much)

We found this old piece of rope hanging from a tree in the park so of course I couldn't resist jumping on for a swing. It was getting dark so the picture quality isn't great but here are a couple of snaps of me monkeying around.

Happy Monday xx


  1. Love the dress - perfectly autumn colours :)

  2. I love the dress and I love the hair do!

  3. wow so beautiful ! Love your hair ! xoxo

  4. Gorgeous dress!

  5. I love it! You look gorgeous. And the hair is fab.

  6. You have convinced me to give my bumpit another go - I love your beehive!

    The doll on fashion

  7. cute photos and what a lovely dress
    hope you're having a wonderful monday

  8. You did such a great job with this dress - it's definitely an amazing piece! I love how your pictures turned out, I think it really makes the colour of the dress stand out - perfect fall setting too!

  9. love this dress
    you look so 60's mod
    your blog is so cool
    thanks for the comment
    comeback & visit soon <3

  10. gorgeous, gorgeous dress! x

  11. wow!
    fab shots darling....the rope looks fun! :)
    love love love xx

  12. You look fantastic, I wish my skin looked half as good as yours... the swinging (literally) sixties vibe is amazing!

    Maria xxx

  13. Wooow!!!! Your blog is really stunning....AND you look so gorgeus in these pictures!!!! :) :)


    I'll watt your answer on my blog...AND then I'll follow you back!!! <3


  14. your hair looks absolutely beautiful, i wish i could do my beehive as neat as yours! i adore your coat, too. x


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