Thursday, 17 November 2011

Country life

What an amazeball of a week.  The Bot has been in Washington all week and while the cat's away...just kidding.  But it has been a v busy one.  The F&F at Tesco press day on Tuesday really blew me away (more on that next week), my collection of homemade Christmas pom poms is slowly growing (albeit at a slightly slower pace than hoped), and yesterday the lovely folks at Midas and Eurostar whisked me away to Paris for the day, merci, merci.  And tonight I have a date with a certain Mr. Pattinson.  Swoon.

This scarf has literally not left my neck since I received it last week from the lovely Georgi of Scarves by Simpkins.  I've worked with G for years and recently she and her mum decided to venture into the knitting business, being such talented knitters, and the results are incredible.  You can check out their website here, and i'll also be hosting an exclusive competition on the blog next week, so be sure to stop by!


The breakdown
Coat: Vero Moda, £65
Scarf: c/o Scarves by Simpkins
Jeans: BDG, $45
Converse: £35
Bag: Peacocks, £5

I thought you might also be interested to see these pictures I took last weekend while I was helping my mum clear out my granddad's house. In an old tin trunk were hundreds of these world war magazines, almost every one in the set!  There are a few less than before as the mice have got to them but aren't they great? We also found a copy of the Sunday Dispatch newspaper, a special edition celebrating the silver wedding of the Queen mother, incredible.

Bon weekends all, see you next week x


  1. you've taken some beautiful photos and I ADORE your coat xxxx

  2. LOVE your coat, and the red scarf pops against the tan!
    Rachel :)

  3. Oh that scarf is cool,
    love the color!


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