Friday, 21 October 2011

Oasis VIP blogger meet-up

L-R Daniela, Reena and I play dress up

One high street store has made a big impact on me recently.  I'll admit, until about a month ago I hadn't shopped at Oasis.  I've no idea why - maybe I felt I wasn't quite old enough yet (yeah, i know, i'm in my late twenties, I need to grow up.  But deep inside i'm still a teenager and constantly after the best bargain I can buy.)  So when I decided I wanted a biker jacket for my birthday, I started researching.  And to my surprise Oasis had THE jacket.  The one.  The one i'd dreamed about.  And so my love affair began.

On Wednesday evening the lovely gals at Oasis (Katie, Eleanor and Hannah - xx) invited some bloggers down to check out the crimbo collection and the re-vamped store on Argyll street. Cue dressing up, bubbles and cupcakes.  Delightful.  I got to catch up with the ever gorgeous Daniela of Couture of Crumpets (can we not leave it so long next time pls?), and to finally meet the lovely Reena of Fashion Daydreams in person. And we each received a cute necklace too, which i'll be styling up soon - it's a chunky black and gold number which I think would go perfectly with a nude jumper - what do you think?

So, after viewing the collection the following pieces are now sitting firmly on my Christmas wish list:

This incredible velvet sheer sleeved dress. 

This metallic leather mini skirt.
This gold dress was a huge hit with a lot of the bloggers - kindly modelled by the lovely  Mille 

This embellished collar shirt (as modelled by Reena in the top pic)

Amelia, me, and Mille (thank you @Blogger-spotter for taking the pic!)

The newly refreshed Oasis Store is now open, so why not take a peak! (And if you want to see more pics of bloggers playing dress-up, check out the Oasis Facebook page). 

Bon weekends all xx


  1. I loved the metallic mini skirt - until I saw the length on the model. Eek! Far too short for 41-year-old me. BUT great inspiration for an A-line leather skirt sewing project. Thank you!

  2. Ohh this looks so funnnnn. You look like such a babe in that first picture!

    By the way your pictures from your mad man day at work are awesome! You look so good as a sixties siren! O_O xx


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