Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mad men

I had the most amazing weekend in Portugal, hanging out at our private villa complete with its own club with dry ice and light strobes.  Totes amaze.  I ate, drank, sunbathed, drank and returned a slightly broken woman.

But on to the interesting stuff.  Last week my office had its first ever fancy dress day; Mad Men day.  We played dress-up, drank lots of cocktails, ate a lot of cheese and pineapple on sticks. Hats, full dresses and suits were in.  Jeans were out (except for those that forgot). And infidelity, drinking, smoking and sexual innuendos were rife.  It was great.
In a last minute panic I bought this skirt suit on eBay.  I wasn't sure what to expect but at £10 it wasn't going to be a great loss.  Turns out it was perfect fit, aces.  The only downside? I was sweating like a biatch all day, classy I know.

If you've got fine hair like me, trying to create a beehive is near-on impossible.  Cue, the Bump-it.  I was sent these ages ago for the blog and never used them because they felt a tad OTT.  But for 60s fancy dress, ideal.  You can buy them online here - and I most definitely recommend listening to the video.  Totally cheesy and cringe-worth.

The breakdown
Skirt suit: vintage via eBay, £10 ish
Belt: Urban Outfitters, £15
Bow headband: no idea
Tights: no idea
Glasses: Primark, £1 (stolen borrowed from Bot)
Bag: vintage, £20
Bracelet: Primark
Pearls (real): 18th birthday present
Shoes: vintage via a charity shop, £12


  1. You look fab - even before I read the text I though 'Mad Men'. Spot on. Especially love those tights and the suit was a steal... shame about it being a little warm to wear!!


  2. HAHA! Love it you look fab! But who won in the office?
    SW Craft Club

  3. Those tights and the bag are really beautiful. Your look is great!

  4. your office sounds awesome. i wish we had theme days! Cant believe you scored that suit for so little. it looks great on you

  5. Oh wow last Monday I almost bought a bag like that one, it's great!
    Sadly enough this one was too expensive, I really needed to make the (oh so wise) decision to stop spending money on bags (well actually I just have to stop spending money...)!
    &Those tights are great, still searching for a pair like those, combined with some perfect basic Louboutins... Sigh.


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