Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm a laydee

By the time you read this post i'll be soaking up the rays in sunny Portugal.  Oh yes, i've left the country with three of my bessies to join a whole load of others at a private villa in Villamoura.  All to celebrate 30 years of Jimbo.

Now, when I booked my flight we were looking at temperatures of around 20 degrees.  Pleasant, warmish days.  No need to prep the body for bikinis. Or so I thought.  Well it's now 32 degrees and i've had approximately one week to shape up think about getting in shape.  And failed.  So i've been slapping on the old fake tan in an attempt to disguise my poor winter body, although looking at these pictures it's clear my fake tan is rubbish - look at those pasty legs!  Eek!

Check out the new jewellery.  Well, technically it's old vintage.  Mum was down on Sunday and brought with her a load of my gran's stuff.  And in true magpie pie I started grabbing it all. I think most of it is costume (the ring defo is) but the jade bracelet is just beautiful.

The breakdown
Stole: vintage (present)
Cardigan: Primark, £10 ish
Top: Dorothy Perkins, £18 ish
Skirt: Matalan, £18
Shoes: Primark, £10 ish
Briefcase: ASOS (2010), £35
Jewellery: all vintage apart from the ring on my left hand which is from Oasis

Bon weekends all! xxx

p.s. do you like the new style photos?  My friend Georgi of One I Made Earlier introduced me to where you can edit all your photos for free (take THAT Photoshop!). I went for the sepia look to give it a slightly retro cinema effect.  And i'm loving it!  Thanks G!


  1. Ohh im SO envious you're in portugal right now! O_O! Nooo you look amazing! I do not think i would like to stand next to you on the beach! you would definetly make me look like a blob O_O!

    I adore your outfit here! A ladyyy indeed! xxx

  2. lovely outfit!

  3. Beautiful, I always love your outfits, definitely always on my list of style inspirations!

    Maria xxx


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