Thursday, 6 October 2011

Glitterati (you'll want to copy this, trust me)

When I stumbled across this post from the lovely Megan of Megan I book-marked it immediately on my Pin Interest DIY  board to do at a later date. 

I re-created the look last weekend for my friend's wedding (totally cute having your ring finger sparkling in glitter.  Let's be honest, i'd prefer a diamond but a girl has to make do with what she's got, right girls?).  Whereas Megan had super-duper Martha Stewart glitter pens, I substituted the pen for a pot of glitter (£2 from my local craft store), which worked just as well.  Typically, I forgot to take any pics, doh, but i'm now obsessed with re-creating glitter nails.

This is my latest creation - with just the tips of my little finger nails in glitter.  It was actually the Bot's idea (he's getting so creative these days!).

You will need:
  • Nail varnish
  • A pot of glitter (or a glitter pen)
  • Top coat
  • Ramekin dish, or something similar

  • Paint one or two coats of your chosen colour and leave to dry
  • Paint just the tip of your little finger, leave for 20 seconds
  • Hold you finger over your ramekin and sprinkle the glitter
  • Blow the excess glitter off and leave to dry
  • Add top coat to all nails, and two coats to your little finger

I think you'll be seeing a lot more variations on this theme, especially in the run up to Christmas!



  1. I love adding a bit of glitter to make my nails a bit more exiting ! x

  2. super cute and fun. I bet this would help to deter my bad habit of biting my nails.


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