Saturday, 29 October 2011

Autumn colours

I'm always envious of the Americans doing things bigger and better.  Take Halloween. Ok, so there'll be a fair few drunken parties with ghouls, ghosts and witches taking place around London this weekend.  But unless you're at one, Halloween could easily pass you by.  And pumpkin patches.  I'd never seen one in the UK before.  Yes, I know they must be growing somewhere, but where?!  They seem to be in abundance across the pond. You may be thinking it has something to do with me living in London. Nope, I leave our fair city quite often.

This year I was determined to pick my own pumpkin. And find myself a patch to do it at. So I was more than a little excited when I found a place about 40 mins away that declared boldly on their website, 'Pick your own pumpkin.'  

Me: "Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot, we're picking pumpkins this weekend."
Bot: "F*cking great."

So imagine my disappointment when we got to the farm and realised that 'Pick your own' translated at 'Pick your own pumpkin off the floor' rather than 'get down and dirty and carefully select your chosen pumpkin and cut it free from it's roots with your bare hands (or some scissors)'.  Bummer.  Anyway, we got some nice shots, enjoy! xx

How cool is this dress from Vero Moda?  The perfect dress for picking pumpkins, look at the colours!  So autumnal and 70s and just totally rad.  And as if I didn't need any further confirmation, as we were walking to the farm to pay for our pumpkins a lovely American lady shouted out, "What a great dress!".  Loved that lady! I'm looking forward to pairing it with chunky knit jumpers, and high-waisted midi skirts.  Dreamy.

The breakdown
Dress: Vero Moda, £18 in the sale at ASOS
Belt: vintage via my gran
Tights: Matalan, £5
Bag: Peacocks, £5
Boots: I'm gonna say Faith, but I really can't remember
Coat: Topshop vintage via eBay, £12.97


  1. 3rd time lucky,my internet keeps crashing lol,anyway I love your dress and boots,the pictures are great love all the punkins,we love Halloween have a good weekend:)

  2. these photographs are lovely, i adore the colours! your dress is amazing, it looks vintage rather than vero moda!

    i adore your glitter pumpkin diy below, too. xxx


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