Wednesday, 5 October 2011

All the way to Land's End

On our third day in Cornwall the mist decended; cue frizzy hair, cream teas and the opportunity to don my high vis raincoat, result!

St. Michael's Mount, lost in the mist

The Merry Maidens; a collection of 19 stones.  Legend has it that 19 maidens were turned to stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday!

The Minack theatre - Cornwall's open air-theatre which was built almost single-handedly by one woman.  Incredible!

I found this hat randomly perched on the look out point at Land's End.  We all know how much I love fancy dress - it was meant to be

Hanging out at Land's End - the extreme westerly point of mainland England

Bot love

The breakdown
Cardigan: H&M, £24.99 ish
Shirt: H&M £14.99
Top: New Look: £12.99
Jeans: M&S, £12.50 
Shoes: Converse, £35
Hi vis jacket: Decathlon, £15
Necklace: French Connection, £15
Bag: from Argentina


  1. Yay, great photos. I love the one of you perched on the stone. I was in that part of Cornwall this summer.

  2. You look gorgeous! I LOVED Minack when I went but it was nearly 30 degrees and really sunny o it looked fantastic!

    Maria xxx

  3. Ohhh I love all your photos from cornwall! They're so dreamy O_O! you look so cute in them!

    I liked the story of the maiden stone O_O it's kind of witchy! xxx


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